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Old habits die hard (closed rp with specialist-becca)



Vash pulled her closer, nuzzling into her neck before he kisses her cheek. As she spoke he listened nodding a bit. Why hadn’t he notice, because he wasn’t aware of such things. “That’s why I put you in charge of that luv, bright idea on my part I do believe.” he chuckled, his chest heaving a bit with mirth before she got up and placed an order. “Just wotever you’re in the mood for. I’m not picky, but wine would be better than beer I think..”

Again his eyes followed her, watching her every movement as she turned the lights on outside.  When she came back it was everything he could do not to just pull her into his lap and say to hell with dinner and a movie. he missed her and hated that he worried her. he just wanted to show her how much he loved having her around. “If you want luv,’onesty I like you in just about anything, no clothing preferred. Soon as I’m better though I’m taking you for a night out on the town. Wherever you wanna go..”  As she moved to the bedroom, her last words had him again smiling from ear to ear. “You don’t know wot your asking for there luv, I know ‘ow your not too fond of some of my music..”

When she left him to change he got to his feet. Wincing at the pain as the stitches pulled taunt. Moving to look out the window then, eyes scanning his city. he would find out who the bloody fuck did this, but it could wait. Moving back towards the stereo system he flipped through his music before finally stopping upon his Journey cd.He clicked it over until Open arms echoed through the penthouse. Moving back to the couch he waited for her.

When she returned a few minutes later he smiled seeing her as she slide next to him. “You look beautiful luv. I mean you always do..” he sighed a bit. She was getting him all tongue tied, like usual. It never seemed to fail. Just looking at her he was pretty sure he could fall for her all over again. Actually scratch that he could always fall for her every time. “I’m a lucky man.” he pulled her into his lap then and kissed her gently.

She kissed back, taking up his gentle movements. He was such a romantic, not that she minded at all. If the world ever need proof that killers with hearts of gold she was sitting in it’s lap. she moved from his lips to his jaw kissing a line up to the spot behind his ear, taking the opportunity to purr softly to him. “I’m already in love with you Vash, you don’t need to keep worrying about saying the right thing.”    

Her arms tightened around him and she nuzzled into his shoulder. She held him, drinking in his warmth still clinging like he was going to slip through her fingertips again. “Fuck luck…” she stated suddenly, her fingers tightening around his suit. “You earned me… and you deserve this. You don’t have to be lonely and miserable all the time. No matter who you’ve lost or what you’ve done.”

She straddled his hips, pulling back so she could look him in the eyes. “It really doesn’t matter if you take me out or not. Dancing the night away or sitting in a ditch pinned down by enemy gunfire. It’s all the same as long as you’re doing it with me.” she cupped his cheek in her hand again shaking her head and laughing a bit at how corny she sounded. “I know that sounds like something out of a bad movie but it’s true.”

“I just.. Love you way too fucking much, okay?” Becca’s shoulders slumped and she went back to the desperate clinging that only vaguely soothed the ache in her chest.  She wasn’t even sure what she was upset about anymore. “This is all your fault. For being.. So..” she trailed off unable to find words to diagnose why she cared so much. “.. Everything..”  


Yes, Giant worm are always lovely.~

Good lord I fucking loved Clarence. But yes, it does kill the tension a bit, doesn’t it?

….I don’t mind though, honestly. I prefer not to be put in a constant suspenseful environment, thank you. Causes a  lot of pausing when anything moves.

And I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t sure if Agrippa was going to be trustworthy at first, despite everything. Might have just been a bit of paranoia, though.~

The pickaxe was helpful against the dogs, though.~ Had no problems with them thanks to it.

Ahh~ fair enough, but stress and fright are why you play the thing to start with, no?  Well, besides the story.

I’m rather surprised you of all people enjoy horror games Mathew. You’d probably be more susceptible to them than the average person. You’re on edge even when you’re not trapped inside a crumbling castle with a vengeful unknowable evil on your tail.     

Ps. Remind me to never leave you around puppies and sharp objects.

Pss. Call me if you have bad dreams because of playing that game.  




I’ve actually had the Penumbra series for a few years— one of my favorite games, too.~ Doesn’t freak me out nearly as much as Amnesia did though.

…Then again, I have played through it quite a few times and I can hit the enemies with a fucking pickaxe, so that might help.

Personally I think Amnesia would have been improved with some giant fuckoff worms in’t. Also I missed the comic relief character, clarence was adorable.

Though comic relief does kill the tension… not that it stopped them from throwing in fucking agrippa near the end of DD to completely kill the sense of loneliness and isolation. I mean yeah, scary taking corpse.. but seriously? We’re near the climax and now you shove a bloody sidekick in who cheerly greets you every time you walk in the room.

I’m delving into the darkest part of the human soul here. Do you fucking mind!

that pickaxe was useless as shit though. Especially on the spiders. fucking..   



I apologize for my absence for most of the day. I got sucked into playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent once again. Good news, though. I finished the game.

"Funnily enough I’m right in the middle of playing machine for pigs. I won’t spoil anything for you Mittens but trust me when I say the monsters won’t be your biggest obstacle in the sequel. 

As for Dark Descent im a little bias because I looove cosmic horror. if you get the chance you should check out frictional’s other game series penumbra. that one does cosmic horror even better than amnesia. 

Just be prepared for everything to go botty bananas around the third act… it comes with the territory.”   



A small grin formed on Matt’s pale face as his specialist spoke.
A free shot at someone without any consequences? 

Well, you didn’t have to tell him twice.~

As soon as the offer was out there, he was quick to pull back his fist and slam it as hard as he could into Becca’s cheek. It may not have been the hardest punch in the world, but it still left a wide grin on his face afterwards.

"Oh, that made me feel a little better.~" He replied with a snicker.

To her surprise the blow actually drew a verbal reaction from her, followed up by a string of cuss words. She pressed her hand to her cheek, it felt hot to the touch but it wouldn’t likely bruise. Hurt like a bitch though.

“Fucking… alright, Matt you win. That was pretty good for a kid. Now if only you could use that against our enemies.” She sat back, waiting for the pain to fade.  “We should teach you self defense. You might actually not suck at it.”

Old habits die hard (closed rp with specialist-becca)



 Another deep breath issued past his lips as his eyes softened to her. “I never meant to make you worry luv. I wasn’t planing on getting shot or blown up either. Just wanted my new play toy. Thought it  would be nice not to drag you out for that. You can’ always be there luv, I know you try and want to make sure I’m alright and I’m sorry luv I am..” he squeezes her hand back.

He was never good at this sort of thing. “Luv Its a’right, really my ‘appy arse is still ‘ere. Even if you deserve better than me.. I’m not going to leave you. I promise.” It was hard for him, not to go seeking revenge for whoever the hell did this. But he could do this for her. He’d come to care too much for her. She was making him just a bit soft. Not that he would complain about it.  he could do this, even if every fiber of his being screamed for someones head to roll.

He squeezed her hand again “I know luv, I know. Look Becca, if it will put your mind at ease luv, I’ll take you with me where ever I go, even the men’s room..” he smiled He was trying to least make her laugh, get her mind off it.

"Luv, just take us ‘ome. I won’t put myself into any jeopardy or go running off to main, murder, or otherwise destroy anyone till I’m better and you can tag along to ‘elp." his hand moved to her leg and he smiled. "Lets just go ‘ome.  He just wanted to curl up with her on the couch, cuddle, watch something entertaining, maybe have a nice dinner and a stiff drink.

Once they arrived back at the penthouse, he let her help him into the elevator. Moving into the living room afterwards and sitting down haphazardly on the couch. “so wot will it be luv? Shall we just order take out or should I make something?”

The female saint bit her bottom lip, settling down beside him and pulling one of his hands into her lap. She had been thinking in the car about what she wanted to do. It was hard planning a romantic evening after camping out at the hospital for the last few days. She knew it would make her feel better though so she pushed past it.  

“There’s a new restaurant that opened on the first floor. One of the conditions of their lease was they would bring food to the penthouse whenever we wanted. I added that to the contract myself.” She let herself have a little chuckle at that. The ex-decker in her still loved to bend the rules in her favor and mess with others.

“I’ll give them a call, they have the usual Pub fare. Steaks, roasted chicken, grilled salmon, sandwiches…  and I can get them to bring some beer or wine if you want some before we get into the liquor cabinet.” She fetched the phone while he offered his input and soon enough they had decided on something. Becca thanked the slightly confused busboy on the other end of the line before hanging up.

She looked up at Vash chewing on her lip a moment more before walking over to the switches near the doors to the patio. She flicked the little plastic knobs and the pool outside came alive with passive lavender light.  Food, check.  Ambiance, check.

She floated back over to him, pressing her lips to his forehead briefly. “One last thing. I should probably throw something on so I can match how classy you look right now.” She winked at him and passed the remote to their stereo system. “Also guy that just got blown up gets to pick the music.”

Once in the bedroom she tossed off her usual gang uniform, swapping out her sports bra for a black strapless push-up. She looked herself over in a mirror, her hair was a mess and she hadn’t done her make-up that morning. Still, she didn’t want to be away from Vash long enough to fix all of that.

She picked out a dress,  golden yellow fabric with a purple sash around the waist. It had been a while since she had a reason to dress up.  The skirt was long but had a part up the side to show off her legs, and allowed her to run in it if a gunfight ensued.

The final touches were picking out some matching sandals and pulling her hair back into a tight ponytail.  Satisfied for now she stepped back into the living room, sitting back beside her boyfriend.      

Old habits die hard (closed rp with specialist-becca)


Looking at her then, even while she dressed him he could see the worry and pain if she’d lost him in her eyes. Standing here with the passenger side door ope and looking at her before he took a deep breath. Maybe she was right. To be honest right now all he wanted to do was go home, rest, and have her in his arms. “Alright luv, We’ll go ‘ome, Take a few days off and let Kinzie work. Sides she’d probably give me an earful anyway if I’m standing over ‘er.”

Moving then to get in the car, letting out a small string of curses when he bumped his knee. So much for trying to do this the easy way. He sat back and reclined the seat before fiddling with the radio till he found Florence and the Machine Over the love and sighed before looking at Becca.

"So, putting revenge on the back burner a bit luv, You sure you wanna spend time cooped up with me in the penthouse? Taking care of my arrogant arse?" he gave her one of his famous smirks. Those usually meant he wasn’t going to make this easy on her. " ‘ow about we just ‘ave in ‘ome romantic date night?" he chuckled. "Sure theres some things I can do without screwing up these damn stitches." He owed her he supposed, for scaring the ‘ell out of her. "Guess this means you’re not gonna let me outta your sight anytime soon ?"

She moved to help him get into his seat, making sure he was settled in before walking over to the driver’s side. Still shocked he had relented. She hadn’t been there the last time something like this had happened, but she had witnessed his thirst for revenge from the point a view of an enemy. That he was able to separate himself from all that long enough to allow her this… he really did care about her didn’t he?

She shut her car door, still feeling completely overwhelmed. Was driving under the influence of a nearly broken heart illegal? It probably should be. Her fingers were shaking around the wheel, making her grip it harder to hold still.

 Music floated over to her from the spot between them, one of his songs. She preferred things with a faster beat, but the longer they spent together he tolerance for slower more thoughtful music had grown into at least acceptance.

“y-you think-?” Becca stuttered, turning to look at him. “You have no idea.. These last few days I couldn’t stop thinking about what would have happened if I was there with you. I should have been there!” she took his hand, squeezing hard even though she was trying to be gentle. Her shoulders were shaking a bit from the stress and nerves. Days of bottling in emotions boiling to the surface.

“I know you look after the gang. B-but it’s my job to look after you and when you needed me I wasn’t there… I can’t ever let that happen again!”

Becca bit down on her lip hard, her head was spinning and she needed to calm down. She took a deep breath, then another. Feeling the knot in her gut unwind slowly but surely.

“I’m sorry Boss.. It’s been a rough few days. She bowed her head, black strands of hair falling in front of her eyes. “T-that sounds lovely…  it really really does.” Another intake of air and she turned the keys in the ignition starting up the car and pulled out of the hospital parking lot.         


A low growl built up in Matt’s throat as he rolled his eyes. Sure, he wasn’t the strongest guy in the world, but it’s not as if he wouldn’t do any damage if he hit her.

"Oh, come on." He replied with an unamused face, "I could at least leave a bruise."

Sigh escaping his lips, the teen ran a hand through his black hair. “Just a little bit." He replied, a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

she nodded slowly, a genuine frown coming to her lips. “Aww pet, look on the bright side. it will toughen you up a bit. You can’t be good at the physical and digital stuff or it wouldn’t be fair to anyone else.”

"here" she puffed up her chest and flicked her hair back over her shoulder. "Hit me in the face. one free shot for making fun of you" she leaned forward wondering if he would even take her up on that.   

(Source: specialist-becca)

Old habits die hard (closed rp with specialist-becca)


There was a sigh when she took  his head into her hands and made him face her. Her eyes telling him just what she thought about those scars. He’d heard her say it several times. But he still hated them. “I know luv, doesn’t mean I get why the bloody ‘ell people wanna blow me up..”

He let her help him then “Blimey, I ‘ave never listened to doctors and I’m not starting now.” He moved to grab his clothes then, Pulling off the stupid hospital gown. He was nude underneath and wasn’t ashamed. Becca had seen him god knows how many times now. “need ‘elp getting into these boxer and my pants luv. Glad you brought over one of my suits.” Of course, he’d be damned if he went out in anything else.

After she’d helped him and he straightened his tie The door opened to the Nurse coming inside. She gave him a glare and he only smiled “Sorry luv, I ain’t staying. Just bill me.”

"The doctor said your to remain with best rest for a while sire, you can’t just leave.."

"Bloody fucking watch me.." with that he looked at Becca and took her arm and walked out. "You’ll ‘ave to drive luv. As much as it pains me to say that.." he hated being useless. "I wanna go back, check the damn place for myself then Guess we’ll go to Kinzie’s. See wot she ‘as to say.. Bloody gonna fucking kill whoever did this, I want this bastard and who he works for.."

Rebecca took her time helping him, making sure not to bump any of the many cuts and bruises. By the time she was fixing his tie around his neck her boss was starting to look like himself again. It eased the sick feeling in her gut, but it was only temporary comfort.  She did his buttons one by one, patting his lapels with her hand.

She looked up, wanting to pull him down and lace her fingers into his hair. To tell him how scared she had been.  That she loved him and didn’t know what she would do without him. but.. He was alive, standing right here in front of her. The last few days nothing but a horrible nightmare.    

They walked right passed the nurse. Rebecca gave her an apologetic look. “I already picked up his prescriptions and I’ll make sure he doesn’t tear any stitches and keep the bandages fresh.” She offered. The other woman still didn’t look pleased but she knew better than to stop them.

Leading him towards the front doors she turned back to the matter at hand. “I thought you might want to get right on it so I brought your weapons, they’re waiting in the car.” she reached over with her other arm to rub his shoulder. “but boss…There’s nothing wrong with taking a few days off after you get blown up. We’re going to make this pathetic guttersnipe pay, but it’s not worth it if you get hurt in the process. Kinzie is on it and you know she’s one of the best there is.”

“Can’t we just go home? Even for a little bit..” she opened his car door for him, taking his hand and holding it tightly.

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